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Norine Braun

Norine Braun's Now & Zen

Norine Braun
Artist Spotlight Archive - Aug. 2003
Norine Braun has been writing songs, music and lyrics, for over a decade. Her repertoire ranges from ethereal, reflective moods to sizzling bluesy rock that test the limit of popular music. She is inspired by the struggle to find meaning in the human experience.

After winning Factor's new talent Demo award Norine independently released her first original cd, "Modern Anguish", in the autumn of 1996. "Norine Braun and the Mood Swings", her fourth CD, is a bluesy romp and was nominated as "CD of the Year" on In addition, Norine's song "Watching Shadows" is used in the David Kopp's short film "Internecine".

Noted as one of the early song contributors to the "New Songs for Peace" Project with her soulful "Love and Not Fear", she has released a new CD entitled "Now & Zen". This CD, her fifth, embodies an ambient soul pop with elements of hip hop, jazz and a dash of punk to create a wild and lively mix.

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Exclusive Q And A
Q:  Peace... what does that mean to you?
A:  "Peace to me is freedom from anxiety, calm and quiet inwardly, that is personal peace. Global and social peace for me is freedom from war. If we could negotiate to meet the needs of both sides or of many sides so that everyone's needs are met... instead of win or lose. We need to consider life as precious and not a commodity... that would be peace for me."

Q:  Who are your musical influences?
A:  "Strangely enough I am influenced by everybody from the busker on the street to Debussy. But off the top of my head at this moment in time, in terms of popular artists, I would say old Stevie Wonder, Joan Armatrading, Bjork, Ani Defranco, U2 and radiohead."

Q:  What inspired you to write about "Love and Not Fear" which was your first submission.
A:  "This song is about angst and fear in hearing the news of the atrocities that happen around us. We live a time where we have instant access to global happenings and the focus tends to be on the horrors of the day. Constant bombardment of these things can desensitize us so we don't feel. Fear can make us shut down and run or hide or fight back whereas love expands us and comforts us and keeps the vision of peace and hope alive. I think everyone in the world needs love and not fear."

Q:  Tell us a little about "Be Brave", your latest submission to our project.
A:  "Be Brave, from my new cd Now & Zen, is a song I wrote after my father's death a couple years ago. I was trying to make sense of losing someone I love and my own spiritual search. The sentiment of the song is one many artists have expressed because of its universal belief in that 'the love we take is the love gave' when we leave this world."

Q:  Why did you decide to get involve in our project?
A:  "I wanted to be part of the project that was promoting peace for the children and for us all. I heard about it in a songwriter e-zine at the time the war on Iraq was imminent and I wanted to focus what I had on something that would restore and be part of peace in reaction to what was and is happening in the world."

Q:  Have you checked out the songs of some of the other artists on this project? If yes, who did you like?
A:  "Yes, I have checked some out and must say there is such a wide variety of styles and I will be listening to more as the list keeps growing! I love Jacobs Ladder by Chumbawamba very contagious. Alchemy VII and Shelley Cherkis's Revolution created contrasting moods and expressions."

Q:  Would you recommend a CD that you have been listening to lately?
A:  "The cool groove master Remy Shand is what I have in my player right now... soulful and soothing."

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