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Songwriter :  Bob Snider
Title :  Evelyn
Links :  Web Site | Web Site 2 | Buy CD | E-mail

Awards :  Bob received two 1995 East Coast Music Awards nominations.
Bob received a 1997 Juno Award nomination for Best Roots Album.

Bob Snider - Evelyn from 'Words and Pictures'
Download and listen :2.95 MB file :: 5:09 minutes [Download MP3]
MP3 Genre :Folk
Evelyn sits in her lonely appartment
Saturday night blues disappointment
Out of money, bored to tears
Seems like nights like these have been going on for years

She lays out her favourite clothes
Showered and made up, powders her nose
Stupid telephone
She can do better on her good looks alone

She's gonna have a good time
And it won't cost her a thin time
She's gonna make them pay for new Evelyn today
And what she'll do tonight will be a crime

She didn't have to go to far
Walked into the nearest bar
Joined a general laughter
Soon she found what she was after

Not too crude, not too bright
Trying to be nice, already have tight
He had money to spend
Trying to impress his friend

How you doin' cutie
My but you're a beauty
So what do you think, and what'll you have to drink
No I consider it my duty

Stood a few rounds of idiot talk
She's a steno, he's a jock
Made her vague excuse
Finished her gin and juice

Checking herself in the bathroom mirror
For over the cubicle, what does she hear
But two girls talking, men men men
When are they ever gonna learn
When are they ever gonna learn

They will only cheat you
Promise and mistreat you
Take you for a ride
I should take you aside, but I don't even want to meet you

Crossed the room with head held high
Looking straight ahead, eyes are dry
Made it to the street
Praising the defeat

Once outside it all comes down, all the heartache
All the run around
All the anger, all the hate
The only good that ever came of any of it, she lost a little weight

Will she find love one day
Day of rest on Sunday
Another weekend missed
Well add it to the list then back to work on Monday

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