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January 2004 Newsletter
» Artist Spotlight on Chumbawamba
» Featured Submissions
» Song Contributor's Corner
» Project News

Artist Spotlight

Chumbawamba   Best known for their infectious "Tubthumping" hit that was released in the late 90s, Chumbawamba yields from the industrial city of Leeds, 2 hours' drive north of London, U.K.

Started in the mid-80's with their first record whose title, "Pictures Of Starving Children Sell Records", is a poke at the Live Aid benefit, Chumbawamba has never stopped being provocative. Whether or not you agree with the issues they address, one thing is for certain... they are hard to ignore!

» Exclusive Q&A with Chumbawamba
» Jacob's Ladder (Not In My Name)" by Chumbawamba
» Sewing Up Crap" by Chumbawamba

Featured Submissions

Featured Lyrics
"Give Them Love" by Regan Lane (Rock)

Featured MP3
"The Next Country Over" by Matthew Andrae & Richard Ian Greene (Pop)

New Song Submissions
» "Tenshi De Iru Tameni (Stay As An Angel)" by Juri (World/Japanese)
» "Love Is Law" by Nathan Kaye (Pop)
» "We Are One" by Earth Mama (Children)
» "One Song" by Mitchell J. Sharoff (Children/Country)
» "Free The Dove" by Karie Hillery & Charles Lamont (Jazz)
» Acoustic MP3 version of "Jacob's Ladder" by Chumbawamba (Pop)

Song Contributor's Corner

Rachel Sage Rachel Sage

Rachel is the latest song contributor to win another competition. She has won the First Prize in the 2003 CSN Songwriters Producer Project contest!

The prize package for her winning entry, "Bravedancing" from her "Public Record" album, includes an Alesis HD24 Hard Disc Recorder, a Tascam DM24 Digital Mixer and JBL LSR25P Studio Monitors.

You can check out a 2-minute snippet of her wonderful and lush "Bravedancing" winner on

Well done, Rachel!

» "Child" by Rachel Sage

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Project News

What's New?

Happy New Year to all of our newsletter readers and site visitors! We have big plans for 2004 as we hope to increase the profile of this project and help spread our message of peace!

Expect some changes on this web site next month with a new section called "Peace Resources". It will contain a calendar of upcoming peace events and other useful resources.

It's Your Turn

Tell us what you like or dislike about this newsletter and what else you would like to see. We welcome and truly appreciate all feedback and suggestions. Thanks!

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