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December 2003 Newsletter
» Holiday Message from Honey Novick, the Project Director
» Artist Spotlight on BT
» Featured Submissions
» Song Contributor's Corner
» Project News

Message from the Project Director

Honey Novick   Season's Greetings!

May you all be blessed with a sense of fulfillment and wonderment for this year and for all time to come.

Thank you to all who logged on to our wonderful site. Thank you to all of you whose great music enhanced this invaluable project.

What started as a desire for peace, then grew into an idea and a plan, became a dream come true.

All of us, collectively, really are making a difference. Let's keep it up.

Honey Novick
Director, "New Songs for Peace" Project

Artist Spotlight

BT   With every new album, BT aims to create new musical landscapes using the latest technology. Still, he has never forgotten his classical foundation that has enriched his music and allows him to be a fearless experimenter.

BT started his musical journey on the piano at age 2 and by age 6, BT's musical talents were evident from his mastery of classics by Chopin, Bach and Debussy. Exposed to electronic music in his adolescence, BT changed musical genres and never looked back.

» More on BT
» Animals" by BT

Featured Submissions

Featured Lyrics
"Why Must We Be So Brutal" by Kathryn Williams (Jazz)

Featured MP3
"Sewing Up Crap" by Chumbawamba (Pop)

New Song Submissions
» "Solid Ground" by Jenni Dean (Pop)
» "Let The Children Sing" by Fabian J. Proano (Pop)
» "There Is A Way" by Frances Rae Key (Children)
» "Animals" by BT (Pop)
» "Brother" by Ofer Golany (Folk)
» "Love Finds Me" by Toni & Gene Bua (Pop)
» "For Me To Hold" by Shannon Cutts (Pop)
» "Endpeace" by Juliana Marx (Pop)

New Playlist
» "Pop Culture" - A collection of pop genres spanning pop-rock to techno.

Song Contributor's Corner

Craymo's Cosmos Craymo

Here is a special update from Craymo that shows how these songs do matter:

"A fourth grade teacher from Abraham Lincoln Elementary school in Whittier, California, USA, called me on the phone and said she was trying to get a hold of me for two weeks. Her 4th grade class was performing my world peace song "One Love One World" the next night at their school's winter recital and she wanted a copy of my CD for the show!

She was looking for a song similar to "We Are The World" to perform about peace, did a search on the Internet, found my song, downloaded the mp3 and taught it to her class with choreography and all! She drove 40 miles to my house to buy a CD from me that night but I gave it to her instead since I couldn't possibly charge her. I, then, thanked her for performing my song!

I went to their rehearsal performance the next day and video taped it. It brought a tear to my eye. My song was affecting people's lives in a positive way already. She thanked me for 'writing such a beautiful song' and that she was 'greatly honored' for her class to perform it. The power of the Internet at work. It made my holidays!" - Craymo

» "One Love, One World" by Craymo

Allison Crowe's Tidings Allison Crowe

"Whether I'm Wrong", Allison's contribution to the "New Songs for Peace" Project, will be featured in an one-hour TV special, "Tidings", that will be aired across Canada starting December 23rd, 2003!

Allison has been telling everyone about the NSFP site and will continue to do so. Several newspaper articles have noted the inclusion of "Whether I'm Wrong" on this website.

» News on "Tidings" from Alison's web site
» "Whether I'm Wrong" by Allison Crowe

Larry Edoff's In Subtle Tones Larry Edoff

With "In Subtle Tones", Larry just released 13 original songs in a very hip eco-package, complete with photos and a 12-page lyric booklet. Here is an album that you can enjoy from start to finish. From the soaring vocals and powerful sound of "Don't Go Silent" to the soothing ballad "Only You".

Two of the tracks have been honored with awards. Larry placed as semi-finalist in Rolling Stone Magazine's Songwriting Contest for Emerging Artists with the song "15 Time" and "Listen to My Heart" won as finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

» Listen to an archived performance by Larry
   (Courtesy of ArtMusic Coffeehouse)
» "Love" by Larry Edoff

Melissa Axel's Free Time Melissa Axel

Melissa's song "Out Of Nowhere" from her Free Time EP, was selected as a Finalist in the OSCA's One plus One Contest.

In addition to this piece of great news, we would also like to thank Melissa for introducing us to BT, this month's Artist Spotlight.

Last February, Melissa helped to bring fellow Berklee alum BT (aka DJ/producer/film composer Brian Transeau) back to his Boston alma mater for a classroom visit and a standing-room-only clinic at Berklee College of Music's David Friend Recital Hall, where he demonstrated his amazing use of technology in creating some of the best electronic music in recent years.

» "Disappointment" by Melissa Axel

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Project News

What's New?

If you had some minor problems accessing our site in the middle of December, we apologize. We were in the midst of moving to a new web host at This move will allow us to continue expanding to meet the demands of a growing audience.

With the move, you may also notice some minor site design changes. Functionally, a search box has been added to every page to help you find what you are looking for.

It's Your Turn

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