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November 2003 Newsletter
» Artist Spotlight on David M. Bailey
» Featured Submissions
» Q & A
» Song Contributor's Corner
» Project News

Artist Spotlight

David M. Bailey   If we need an inspiration to live life to the fullest, maybe we can turn to David M. Bailey. Diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in 1996, he has turned to his first love of songwriting and performing for inspiration, purpose and strength.

» More on David M. Bailey
» Exclusive Q and A with David M. Bailey

» Only Love" by David M. Bailey
» Pray For Peace 2003" by David M. Bailey

Featured Submissions

Featured Lyrics
"Shut Our Eyes" by Jessica Weiser (Rock)

Featured MP3
"Sweaters" by Beth Waters (Pop)

New Song Submissions
» "Peace & Love" by Groovy Judy (Jazz)
» "Child" by Rachael Sage (Rock)
» "Heartbeat Of The World" by Shirlann (Rock)
» "Only Love" by David M. Bailey (Folk)
» "Pray For Peace 2003" by David M. Bailey
» "The Menu" by Russ McRee (Folk)
» "Run To Hide" by Joe K's Kid (Rock)
» "Listen" by Sarah B & The Gist (Jazz)
» "Change The Story" by Geoff Scott (Rock)
» "Simple As Breathing" by Lili McGovern (Pop)
» "Lend A Hand" by Brandon Jarrett (Pop)

Q And A

Question :   I was just curious, do you have any idea how many times my song has been downloaded from your site? - submitted by J.M.
Answer :   Although we have a rough estimate of how many times a song may have been downloaded, we only share this information if requested. In general terms, the highest number of downloads for a song is over 400 times per month (Alexis Protsifer's contribution in the month of October) and the lowest number is in the single digits.

However, these numbers change from month to month and are not an accurate count of how many times a MP3 file was completely downloaded as a user may choose to abort in the middle of a download.

Question :   Is there a specific format that you require for the lead sheets? For example, lead sheets usually encompass the first verse and chorus, followed by a page of lyrics. Do you plan to publish the entire lyrics to a song following the lead sheet or just the additional lyrics? - submitted by P.C.
Answer :   No, we do not have a specific format in mind. Since different genres have different styles or formats (i.e. classical, jazz, folk), we are open to whatever format suits the contributor. How you want to create a readable lead sheet is up to you. If a specific guideline (for example, as used by Sing Out! magazine) helps you, then that's what you should do.

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Song Contributor's Corner

John Cremona :   If you are in the Sherborn, MA, area of the US on Friday, November 28th at 8 pm, spend a memorable evening at the Peace Abbey Coffeehouse with "Hypnotic Country-Folk-Rocker" John Cremona whose songs chart the distance between hinterlands of noirish solitude and the clearings where love's redemptive power is revealed.

John is no stranger to the Peace Abbey. He presented a "Courage of Conscience" award to conscientious objector and Poet Laureate Stanley Kunitz whom he cites as the primary influence on the song "Soon You'll Be Sleeping" on his outstanding new CD "Rain."

For more information, check out Peace Abbey Events or John's web site.

Note :   Check out John's song contribution of "I Know A Place".

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Project News

What's New?

We have started a new "Playlist" feature under the "MP3 Downloads" section of "Song Submissions" to showcase a carefully selected playlist of songs. This month, we feature our female contributors under the irreverent title of "Girl Power!". Enjoy the upbeat style of Lili McGovern, the soulful voice of Louise Ford, the hopeful laments of Beth Waters and the powerful lyrics of Danielle Lo Presti.

With a single click and a supported audio player such as WinAmp, Windows Media Player, RealOne Player or iTunes, you can listen to this selection of 8 songs that are streamed and downloaded to your player. After listening to this selection and you have determined the songs you like, you can download the individual MP3 files (at higher quality audio) to your computer for your listening pleasure anytime.

It's Your Turn

Tell us what you like or dislike about this newsletter and what else you would like to see. We welcome and truly appreciate all feedback and suggestions. Thanks!

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