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October 2003 Newsletter
» Artist Spotlight on Danielle Lo Presti
» Featured Submissions
» Q & A
» Song Contributor's Corner
» Project News

Artist Spotlight

Danielle Lo Presti   Danielle Lo Presti's "Imagining", which was last month's Featured Lyrics, may be one of the best tribute songs to John Lennon. Powerfully emotive and hauntingly beautiful in its simplicity, Lennon would be proud of this song.

While her music style may range from R&B to Alternative rock, it's her passion that always take front and center. Refreshing in her bluntness and her daring to take on sensitive subjects in her lyrics, she is still a relatively undiscovered gem.

» More on Danielle Lo Presti
» Exclusive Q and A with Danielle Lo Presti
» Imagining by Danielle Lo Presti and The Masses

Featured Submissions

Featured Lyrics
Brandon Jarrett's "My Child" (Children)

Featured MP3
Alexis Protsifer's "They'll Explain It To Us Later!" (World)

New Song Submissions
» "The Dream" by Michael Johnathon (Children)
» "Wings" by Sherreece, W. Rogge & B. Santo (Rock)
» "Fires Burning" by Alan Kirk (Rock)
» "Snowdrops In Springtime" by David Brinkman (Folk)
» "Touch The World" by Don Gnecco (Children)
» "Whether I'm Wrong" by Allison Crowe (Folk)
» "Disappointment" by Melissa Axel (Pop)
» "You Don't Understand Me" by Dino Soldo (Rock)

Q And A

Question :   How much time do we have to get you the lead sheets for the book? - submitted by P.C.
Answer :   Since the book's publishing date has not been determined as we are still accepting submissions, you don't have to rush to send in your lead sheets. Sometime within the next few months would be fine. However, I recommend that you don't put it off for too long so that you don't forget to send them in.

Question :   How do we determine whether a song is accepted for the project?
Answer :   As we have noted in our Songwriter's FAQ, we are seeking songs that express love of the environment, humanity, and self-development in the name of peace. Songs that are topical, political and religious will be considered but not necessarily included.

We make a determination based on the song's lyrics and background information (if supplied). An MP3 recording of the song is not mandatory but is helpful. Due to a predetermined number of submissions that are accepted for the web site (currently 10 per month), some songs may be accepted for the book project and not the web site.

Have a question about the project?
Contact us with your question(s) and we'll try our best to answer them.

Song Contributor's Corner

Craymo :   Craymo has kept himself busy by getting involved in another peace project that is organized by George McClure of McClure & Trowbridge Publishing in Nashville. They are accepting submissions for a compilation CD of peace songs. Here are their info:

"Great original peace songs wanted for 'BAND OF WRITERS' project. Nashville label release nationally to radio with publicity; royalties paid with publishing included if you like. Label pays half the costs and writers split the rest evenly. Sales are split evenly among participants."

For more information, please e-mail George McClure, CEO & President of JIP Records, at "" or contact him at (615) 902-0509.

Please note that the "New Songs for Peace" Project is not affiliated or related to this CD project.

Note :   Check out Craymo's song contribution of "One Love, One World".

Norine Braun :   Congratulations to Norine Braun for winning one of KWEEVAK.COM's 2003 CD of the Year awards for her fourth CD "Norine Braun and the Mood Swings". This CD is a bluesy romp that was recorded live on the web, capturing the essence of her live act and was produced by Norine in association with her band and mixed by James Bowers.

Norine, who was our first Spotlight Artist, has also been receiving critical praise for her new CD "Now and Zen". Dennis Halsey of 'The Best Female Musicians', in awarding Norine's CD an "A-" rating, raves "Each song amazes me in its bending of genres, professionalism musicianship, and artistic integrity."

Note :   Check out Norine's song contributions of "Be Brave" and "Love And Not Fear".

Have news you want to share with our readers?
Send them to us and we'll post them in the next newsletter.

Project News

What's New?

We have been receiving quite a number of song submissions by artists around the world including an accepted submission from Russia and a submission from Vietnam. Sometimes the number gets a little overwhelming and we have had to decline more submissions than usual as a result.

We appreciate all submissions and we would like to thank those of you who forwarded our project's message or posted notes in newsgroups and online bulletin boards about the project. We welcome all submissions and we encourage everyone to get involve.

It's Your Turn

Tell us what you like or dislike about this newsletter and what else you would like to see. We welcome and truly appreciate all feedback and suggestions. Thanks!

Final Plug for the Project

» Link to us and help spread these songs of peace.
» Make a donation to the project. Any amount is appreciated.
» Sign our Guest Book and share your thoughts on the project.
» E-mail your friends/family and invite them to subscribe to our newsletter.

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