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September 2003 Newsletter
» Artist Spotlight on Stephan Smith
» Featured Submissions
» Q & A
» Song Contributor's Corner
» Project News

Artist Spotlight

Stephan Smith's The Bell   Touted as the "heir apparent to Woody Guthrie" by The Village Voice and taking the coveted spot of the 50th song submission on our list, Stephan Smith is a young New York-based artist who once toured with Allen Ginsberg and who has champion fiddler to this credits.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, US, to a Catholic Austrian mother and Iraqi father (add a Jewish great grandfather to the mix) and raised by a Jesuit, Stephan's heritage crosses all religions and boundaries. His musical talents started with the piano at age 3 and the violin at age 4.

» More on Stephan Smith
» Exclusive Q and A with Stephan Smith
» The Bell with Pete Seeger, Dean Ween & Mary Harris

Featured Submissions

Featured Lyrics
Danielle Lo Presti & David Rubenstein's "Imagining" (Pop)

Featured MP3
Craymo & Brandon Jarrett's "One Love, One World" (Pop)

New Song Submissions
» "The Bell" by Stephan Smith, Pete Seeger, Ween (Pop)
» "Once Upon A Time" by Mike Davids (Pop)
» "To Give Us Peace" by Jan Seides (Folk)
» "I Know A Place" by John Cremona (Folk)
» "Say It Out Loud" by Lili McGovern (Pop)
» "Love" by Larry Edoff (Rock)
» "Gettin' Back" by Tom Eure (Folk)
» "War For The Roses" by Patricia Ford & Phil Cohen (Folk)
» "Is Human" by Chad Snelling (Rock)

Q And A

Question :   Why do you need lead sheets for the book project?
Answer :   We need the lead sheets (which consists of music notation, chords and lyrics; see an example) for the book project so that other musicians can play your song with their instruments. If we just used the lyrics, it would be like publishing a book of poems and you would not be getting a full appreciation of the song's intrinsic value and beauty.

As for the publishing date, we hope to collect enough lead sheets for the book sometime early next year. We will keep you posted on our progress but if you have not sent in your lead sheets, please do so soon.

Have a question about the project?
Contact us with your question(s) and we'll try our best to answer them.

Song Contributor's Corner

Kyle Vincent :   Singer-songwriter Kyle lent a hand to the North American Vegetarian Society's annual Summerfest last month, held on the campus of Pittsburgh University in Johnstown, PA. In addition to being a guest speaker, Vincent hosted a workshop for the children in attendance, where they wrote a song together and discussed the peer pressure of adhering to an alternative diet. The kids joined Vincent on stage during his closing concert for a performance of their composition, "Veg Out!". Vincent is also scheduled to perform for San Francisco's celebration of World Vegetarian Day on October 4th at the Golden Gate Park.

Note :   Check out Kyle's song contribution of "Sierra" - a beautiful song about saving the environment.

Dan Oakenhead :   Dan has recently published his Songmaster Course as a free e-book available from his web site. The Songmaster Course is a unique method for integrating intangible inspirations with the practical skills of songwriting. Dan also has been performing for Songwriter Showcases, including Just Plain Folks, and is working with local musicians to develop a new performance series for uplifting music.

Note :   Check out Dan's song contribution of "I Had A Dream Last Night" - a song that actually came to him in a dream.

Have news you want to share with our readers?
Send them to us and we'll post them in the next newsletter.

Project News

What's New?

With the inaugural launch of two new features last month, the Artist Spotlight and the Newsletter, we now have an archive section for these monthly features. This way, you can still check out last month's Artist Spotlight on Norine Braun and last month's newsletter.

A web site search feature was also introduced along with a site map to help you get an overview of all the content/pages we have on our site.

New Songwriter Links and Information

The web page for each song now holds a few more pieces of information about the songwriter. In addition to the song title, songwriter's name, web site address, e-mail address, and lyrics, we have added song performer's name (if different from songwriter), a "Buy CD" link where the song can be bought online, song info, and songwriting awards.

These new fields provide additional information about the songwriter and song. We particularly encourage the use of Song Info as it provides valuable insight on what the song means or what the songwriter hopes to achieve with the song. You can check out fine examples in the use of these fields on Larry Edoff's Love and Joe Stanton's Island In The Sky.

If you would like to submit additional information about your song(s) or update the information on your web page, please contact us with the changes.

It's Your Turn

Tell us what you like or dislike about this newsletter and what else you would like to see. We welcome and truly appreciate all feedback and suggestions. Thanks!

Final Plug for the Project

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