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August 2003 Newsletter
» Message from Honey Novick, the Project Director
» Artist Spotlight on Norine Braun
» Featured Submissions
» Q & A
» Song Contributor's Corner
» Project News

Message from the Project Director

Honey Novick   In the name of peace, hello and welcome to the inaugural edition of the "New Songs for Peace" newsletter.

To all the songwriters who have contributed to this project, thank you. To those who have helped financially, your contribution is a vital lifeline. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This project was started in 1999 with a dream of being able to respond to the United Nation's proclamation that this decade be the "International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World".

I felt I could contribute "something" to people all over the world - through music, ideas, conversation, dialogue and friendship. I also wanted to include many others in this wonderful opportunity.

This project has become a truly viable way for people to contribute to peace through music. A heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who has supported this project and helped to create a better future for the children of our world.

Love and Peace,
Honey Novick

Artist Spotlight

Norine Braun from her new CD 'Now & Zen'   Norine Braun has been writing songs, music and lyrics, for over a decade. Her repertoire ranges from ethereal, reflective moods to sizzling bluesy rock that test the limit of popular music. She is inspired by the struggle to find meaning in the human experience.

Noted as one of the early song contributors to the "New Songs for Peace" Project with her soulful "Love and Not Fear", she has released a new CD entitled "Now & Zen". This CD, her fifth, embodies an ambient soul pop with elements of hip hop, jazz and a dash of punk to create a wild and lively mix.

» Exclusive Q and A with Norine Braun
» Love and Not Fear; Norine's first submission
» Be Brave; Norine's recent submission from her new CD

Featured Submissions

Featured Lyrics
» Joe Stanton's Island In The Sky (Folk)

Featured MP3
» Gertrud & Dirk Schmalenbach's For Every Child (Children)

New Song Submissions
» Be Brave by Norine Braun (Pop)
» Evelyn by Bob Snider (Folk)
» A Dream Of Peace by Will Diehl (Misc; Instrumental)
» Africa by Remnant Gathering (Rock)
» For Every Child by Gertrud & Dirk Schmalenbach (Children)
» Such Die Kerzen by Gertrud & Dirk Schmalenbach (World; German)
» Island In The Sky by Joe Stanton (Folk)

Q And A

Question :   How will I know if my song is performed by anyone? - M.T.
Answer :   There's no way of finding out if your song is performed by anyone. Hopefully, if someone intended to record or use it, they would contact you first for your permission.

Just as an artist like Springsteen has no control over who sings his songs, you have no control over who sings yours. Recording or using it for commercial purposes is a different matter as you have the rights to the song.

I would encourage you to contact some songwriter's organization like ASCAP or SOCAN to find out more about your rights as a songwriter.

Question :   Why were there ads on some web pages in July?
Answer :   We were investigating the option of having ads on some pages for a few weeks to see if it would significantly help fund the project and web site.

The ads were plain, simple and unobtrusive and were served through Google's Adsense program which targets ads that are relevant to a web site, thereby increasing the likelihood that some site visitors might be interested in the ads.

After a brief trial that did not yield a favorable response, we decided to abandon serving ads. We don't expect to return to serving ads or placing product placements. We would like to remain as non-commercial as possible to keep the focus on spreading the concept of peace.

Have a question about the project?
Contact us with your question(s) and we'll try our best to answer them.

Song Contributor's Corner

Shelley Cherkis :   Besides songwriting, Shelley also runs a web development firm called "Hei-res, Inc". As a special offer to other song contributors who may not have a personal web site, Shelley is offering to create a Flash presentation and streaming lyrics of a song for only US $50.00.

To see an example of her work, please check out

You can contact her at for the details.

Note :   Check out Shelley's song contribution of "Revolution" - a funky take on a certain Prince.

Jay Bullock :   One of the earliest supporters of our project, Jay has been keeping himself busy with his personal blog (i.e. online diary or web log) site entitled "Folkbum's Rambles and Rants".

Read what he has to say at

Note :   Check out Jay's song contribution of "The War Game", a hauntingly touching song about the ravages of war.

Have news you want to share with our readers?
Send them to us and we'll post them in the next newsletter.

Project News

What's New?

We launched a Guest Book and the Newsletter subscription service in July. The "Project History" section has been folded into a new section called "Project Info" where the FAQs now reside too. With the inaugural launch of the newsletter, we also debuted the Artist Spotlight feature.

In case you missed a newsletter, you can always find a copy of the current newsletter on our web site here. We will also create an archive of previous newsletters for new subscribers to check out what they had missed.

What's Next?

We hope to add an internal search engine, a site map, a polling feature, and some minor design changes in the coming weeks.

Three Cheers for Google!

All that tireless e-mailing of other related web sites to link to us has paid off in getting our web site ranked as #1 for key word searches for "New Songs" on Google. (Note: As of Aug. 1st, this still stands true. Web site rankings fluctuate constantly and our ranking may change over time.) Thanks to all of you who linked to us and helped spread the word on this project.

It's Your Turn

Tell us what you like or dislike about this newsletter and what else you would like to see. We welcome and truly appreciate all feedback and suggestions. Thanks!

Final Plug for the Project

» Link to us and help spread these songs of peace.
» Make a donation to the project. Any amount is appreciated.
» Sign our Guest Book and share your thoughts on the project.
» E-mail your friends/family and invite them to subscribe to our newsletter.

I hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. Thanks for subscribing and for checking it out! Peace to you...
- Jerry Chong, Web Manager for the "New Songs for Peace" Project

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